Evidence-Based Economics

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Integration of Students into Scientific Networks & International Exposure

In order to successfully pursue career paths at leading international universities and institutions, graduate program students need strong personal networks.

Munich is a hub of international research in economics and thus offers unique opportunities for building such networks. CES and the CESifo Network regularly bring top researchers from all over the world to Munich. The graduate program builds also on activities in several other existing networks, such as the SFB Transregio 15 (Berlin, Bonn, Mannheim, Munich).

Importantly, we will encourage our students to attend international conferences and workshops, and we expect that starting in the second year they will present their research. Moreover, students are encouraged to spend at least three months of their doctoral studies at an internationally renowned research university. The graduate program is in a unique position to help students with finding suitable locations: Several existing international cooperating institutions have offered to host graduate program students, and also the international mentors will act as hosts for the graduate program’s students.

Members of the graduate program’s core faculty maintain a tight network of close collaborations with researchers worldwide who work within the EBE paradigm. These connections will make it easy for graduate program students to find a suitable host institution and to get advice from leading international scholars.

In addition, major research centers in evidence-based economics which have hosted LMU students and post-docs in the past have expressed their interest in continuing and extending the existing collaborations within the framework of, and with the support provided by, the graduate program : Center for Microdata Methods and Practice (CeMMAP), London; Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science (ICES), George Mason University, Arlington, VA; CentERdata, Tilburg University; RAND Labor & Population, Santa Monica, CA; Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics; University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA.

Finally, to foster the international exchange of research ideas and results in evidence-based economics, top international doctoral students will participate in guest students, summer schools as well as the EBE Summer Meetings .