Evidence-Based Economics

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The curriculum of our graduate program is made up of a number of different course and seminar types as well as summer schools, academies, retreats and field visits. The entire program is conducted in English.

Year 1: Acquiring Methodological Competences

  • Core & Practice Course I: Behavioral Theory and Experimental Methods
  • Core &Practice Course II: Econometric Methods and Replication Seminars
  • Field Courses
  • Guest Courses
  • Reading Courses
  • Summer School
  • Research Strategy Seminar


Year 2: Defining and Developing a Research Agenda

  • Guest Courses
  • Reading Courses
  • Research Retreats
  • Workshop: Symposia Organization and Project Funding
  • Field Visits
  • Interdisciplinary Academy


Year 3&4: Dissertation

  • Organization of EBE Summer Meeting
  • Exchange Visits



  • Soft Skills Trainings
  • Topical Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Supervisor Meetings

For an up-to-date overview of the format, description and examinations of the EBE curriculum, please consult the EBE Course Syllabus (PDF, 237 KB). Please note that format as well as examinations might be due to adaptations and changes.