Evidence-Based Economics

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Core&Practice Course 1: Behavioral Theory and Experimental Method

  • Experiments
  • Social, T ime and Risk Preferences
  • Game Theory
  • Learning and Overconfidence

Core&Practice Course 2: Econometric Methods and Replication Seminars

  • Causality and counterfactuals
  • Randomized experiments
  • Observational Studies and Estimation of Treatment Effects under Unconfoundedness
  • Robust Methods
  • Differences-in-Differences
  • Instrumental Variables Estimation
  • Control function approachestop

Guest Course Examples

  • Topics in Inference (Thomas Crossley, University of Essex)
  • Specification and estimation of structural models using experimental data from the lab and the field (Charles Bellemare, Université Laval)
  • Topics in Microeconometrics (Stefan Hoderlein, Boston College)
  • Using Field Experiments in Economics (John List, University of Chicago)
  • Effective Programming Practices for Economists (Hans-Martin von Gaudecker, University of Bonn)
  • Simulation Methods in Microeconometrics (Paul Ruud, Department of Economics, Vassar College)

Field Course Examples

  • Advanced Topics in Organisational Economics (Florian Englmaier, LMU Munich)
  • Applied Health Economics (Joachim Winter, LMU Munich)
  • Contract Theory (Klaus M. Schmidt, LMU Munich)
  • Determinants of Individual Productivity (Martin Kocher, Uwe Sunde, Joachim Winter, LMU Munich)
  • Econometric Evaluation of Education Policies (Ludger Wößmann, LMU Munich, ifo Institute)
  • Labour Economics (Uwe Sunde, LMU Munich)
  • Microeconometrics (Joachim Winter, LMU Munich)
  • Taxation, Social Norms, and Compliance (Veronika Grimm, FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg)top

Summer School

  • Field Experiments – Topics and Methodological Approaches (Iwan Barankay, Wharton School of Management & Imran Rasul, University College London)

Research Strategy Seminar

  • Presentation of EBE Students' research ideas to fellow students and core faculty

Examples of Reading Courses and Groups

  • Behavioral Contract Seminar (Klaus M. Schmidt, LMU Munich)
  • Economics of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Martin Watzinger, LMU Munich)
  • Institutions, State Capacity and Development (Lukas Buchheim, LMU Munich)
  • Topics in Applied Economics (Joachim Winter, LMU Munich)
  • Microeconomic Theory Reading Group

Soft Skills Courses

  • The ‘do it yourself’ doctoral symposium: Objective setting – team building – project start (Golin Wissenschaftsmanagement)
  • Presentation Skills
  • Academic Writing

Field Visits

  • Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK)
  • Institute for Employment Research (IAB)
  • Munich Re


  • 2nd Research Workshop on Microinsurance / MILK
  • Natural Experiments and Controlled Field
  • Studies / Credible Identification and Structural Modeling (CrIStM.as)
  • 15th annual meeting of the German Economic Association of Business Administration (GEABA)